Welcome to the Planning Stages, Writer.

Well, I’m off to a bit of a rough start on my writers pact. I didn’t begin writing the manuscript, but I did begin the planning for the manuscripts. I’ve started messing around with archetypes and plot ideas. My struggle of the day is outlining. I’m not sure  it’s for me, but I think it would help organize everything.

If I do choose to outline it will be one of the things I put in my book binder. My book binder is where I keep all of my stuff pertaining to the story I’m writing. You’ll hear more about that in my blog post next week. Along with working on my manuscript, I will also try to start writing more of Remi’s story and posting it here and on Wattpad. Hopefully, I can get this all rolling by Monday and keep posting every couple  of days.

I don’t have much for you this time it was really just update, but no worries. Next week will be full of useful tidbits. Until next time, may the word count be ever in your favor.

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