7 Potential Conflicts for Your Story

We all know that there are the big four conflicts in storytelling:

Man vs Man

Man vs Self

Man vs Nature

Man vs Society

These conflicts are woven into the each layer of storytelling. I mean, what would a story be without conflict? Storytelling now uses these devices to find the right problems for their stories. There are also 3 other types that have become somewhat popular:

Man vs Fate/God

Man vs Supernatural

Man vs Technology

These seven conflicts fall under one of two major categories. internal and external. These two can help you portray your character’s wants and needs. They can also help you figure out if one of your character’s needs conflict with another’s. The other’s are just    My question to you is: how do you figure out what conflict is best for your story? Let’s say you have two options. Your character can either fight a societal battle or natural battle. How to do you choose the method in which you throw your character in a hole?

We all know that using this device isn’t as cut and dry as Man vs Man or Man vs Nature. We partner it up with other devices to create wonderful stories. I thought about ways to use these conflicts for my own story and started writing out different scenarios. They worked and now I can move on to actually writing different scenes for this story.

When you begin to add conflict to your story, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What does your character want most?
  • Does this conflict with what someone else wants? Does it conflict with what they want?

That’s honestly all I’ve got at the moment. So, I’ll post again soon, until then keep writing!

P.S. Here are some websites that talk a bit more about conflict. check them out!

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The Secret to Creating Conflict

Conflict in Literary Fiction

Conflict and Suspense

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