Praise Be! Finals Week is Over!

I have officially kicked the ass of Finals Week: Spring 2015. I spent a lot of time studying and what extra time I had left I used sleeping. I’m not talking about a light sleep, I talking about deep not-even-the-rapture-could-wake-me type sleep. You’ll be happy to know that I’ll probably be rounding off this semester with 3 A’s and 2 B’s or, if I’m lucky, 4 A’s and 1 B.

Finals seemed to add a lot of stress because I couldn’t seem to revise my portfolio for Intro to Creative Writing. No matter how many times I looked at it, it seemed to just wreak havoc on my emotions. I am extremely critical of my work and it takes a 15 minute speech from Bryan to bring me out of my funk.

I do’t have much to write about today, but I promise tomorrow I’ll post like a book review or something tomorrow.  Expect a fantasy novel.

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