Happy Mother’s Day! MWC: Day 10

Happy Mother’s Day! I called my mom at midnight and I called my grandma around noon and talked to them for a bit. While I was talking to my mom, I realized that I had my mom to thank for my love for books. For as long as I can remember, she was a reader. I used to see her with books all the time. It eventually rubbed off on me and my sister and now we read books all the time too.

I was trying to figure out whose mother I would write a story about. I figured since I briefly talked about Remi’s mom yesterday, I should write a story about her. I haven’t really thought of a name for her mom yet, but I feel like Helen would be a really good name for her. So here’s a bit about Helen.

The clock chimed out, alerting Helen to what time it was. She knew right about now Remi was preparing for her job. Her daughter ran like clock work. At eight o’clock on the dot Remi had run down the stairs, like she did every night, and kissed her goodbye. Every time Helen felt some sort of guilt for putting her in this situation. She ran her fingers over the arm of her wheelchair, reminiscing over the night she’d almost lost her life. Remi being the strong headed girl she was volunteered to take her place as mater thief. It wasn’t a savory profession, but it helped pay the bills. Helen knew she wanted something different, something better for Remi, but Remi wanted this and she couldn’t stop her. All she could do was make sure that Remi was properly trained. She was going to try her best to convince Remi that this wasn’t the best option for her. With a yawn, she rolled herself to her room, telling herself that she was going to talk to Remi in the morning. 

So there’s a short little blurb about Remi’s mom. I’m still working on emotions and things like that. I feel like I made her too laid back, but that will definitely change. I feel as though my writing has been a bit off lately. I’m trying to figure out what direction I want to go in and write at the same time; it’s pretty difficult.  It will get better, just bear with me for a bit. I have some other stuff that won’t involve as muc story telling cocming up and I think you’ll like it.

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