Getting to Know Your Character: MWC Day 9

So, for today’s challenge I came up with a character profile for Remi. I’m thinking of doing a project series for Remi’s story since I’ve been getting a lot of different ideas lately. I think her story is an interesting one. When I submitted a a part of her story for a class project people really seemed to like it. I haven’t really gotten a chance to get to know Remi’s character like I should have, but I’m working on it. I’m thinking of the profile below as sort of a getting to know you exercise.

Name: Remi Kincaid

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: Lean, average height 

Quirks in thought or behavior: Remi tends to have conversations with herself in her head. She also bites her lip and plays with her knife. 

Personality: Remi is skeptical due to her trust issues. She isn’t really a big fan of new people, but she given her situation, she’s learned to adapt. She’s really sarcastic and realistic. She never likes to sugarcoat things that are really important. 

Likes: She likes being in charge, eating, and the little figurines her mom makes her. 

Dislikes: Remi dislikes Bishop and Kieran, feeling like she’s been backed into a corner, and feeling like she’s lost control of something. 

Internal Conflicts:  She feels like the others are looking to her to get them home alive, but she’s not sure she can. She feels a lack of self confidence in herself.

External Conflicts: She’s wrestling her fate from the clutches of other worldly beings. 

Secrets: She’s a famous thief (or assassin, I’m not sure).

Other background info: Her father died when she was young so it was just her and her mother for a long time. Her mother was a famous thief (again, or assassin) before she got sick. Now her mother makes her cool little figurines to take with her when she goes on jobs. Remi started these jobs with her mother’s friend’s son, Bishop. It was a way to make ends meet so she would take jobs that people needed done. 

So that was Remi’s profile. I may post other ones about other people in her story. I’m still figuring out the the details in terms of setting. Once finals week has concluded, I’ll be able to work on her story like I want to.

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