May Writing Challenge: Day 7

I’ve spent most of my day thinking about the worst day ever for my character, but somehow I couldn’t really figure out which character I wanted to use. So I flipped a coin and the fates chose Remi.  If this is your first time reading this name then check out my letter to Remi.

Since I don’t really know Remi’s full background I’ll just play around with an idea I’ve been wanting to try out. Without further ado, here’s Remi’s Night at Work.

My watch began to beep, alerting me to the time. I moved into a seated position and prepared myself. I unfastened the watch from my wrist and slipped the battery out of its compartment.

“Hands up!”

I rolled my eyes, not playing into an aging joke. I glance over my shoulder at the approaching figure, immediately recognizing his stride.

“Bishop, bite me…” Indifference dripped from my words.

His warm hands slid around my waist only to meet at my stomach. He pulled me flush against his body and chuckled.

“I’d love to.” He whispered.

He chuckled and released me, leaving me wanting to throw him off of the roof.  I shimmed out of my jacket while he slipped on his boots. To me, the boots were a horrible decision, but he insisted that we needed them. I pretty sure he just wanted new shoes.

Moments later, we stood at edge of the roof preparing to do what we’d done for the past 2 years. I tugged at my rope, checking its security. No matter how many times I did this, I still got a rush from it. However, the fact I was about to commit a crime had dulled my senses. I jumped off of the roof and planted my feet on the side of the building. I looked up and saw Bishop sail over the side and plant his feet next to mine. We repeated our motions until we stopped next to large window. Bishop fiddled with the lock for a moment then pushed open the window.

“Ladies first.” He whispered.

“Can you shut up?” I said while simultaneously rolling my eyes.

Once through the window we unlatched ourselves from our ropes and closed the window. We wouldn’t have to worry about anyone seeing the ropes since the window faced an alley way that not even the dirtiest bum would sleep in. We searched for our target among the antiques, but came up short. We entered the adjoining room and found what we were looking for. A small, solid gold statue sat on a pedestal at the far end of the room. All we needed to do was grab it and go. As soon as I grabbed the statue sirens sounded.

“I thought you had unarmed the security systems!” I yelled over the alarm.

Bishop did what Bishop does; he smirked and shrugged. Letting out a puff of air I stowed the statue in my pocket and ran for the exit. We opened the door and were met with 4 flashlights in our face. We fought to close the door, but it was turning into a losing battle. Before I knew what had happened I felt a warm hand shove me through the door. With the slam of the door I was left alone to fend for myself. Staring into the faces of these strangers had clarified my situation. Bishop had betrayed me. He wasn’t going to get away with this, I’d make sure of  it.

One of the guards rushed me and his groin got a personal hello from my knee. Another guard advanced on me and I swept his feet from under him and smashed his head into the floor. Another grabbed me by my hair, but I dropped to my knees and pulled him pulled him over my shoulder. As I got up to move away, an electric shock charged through my shoulder. My body convulsed and crumpled to the floor. My body continued to convulse as black shoes came into view. They were the last thing I saw before everything went black. 

Alright so that’s it! I’m sorry it’s a bit rough. I had to force my way through the opening. Tweet me or something and let me know your character’s worse day.

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