Creating Character Profiles

I realized that on the 9th the challenge would be to create a character profile for your character and some of you may not know how to do a character profile. Before I started writing, I didn’t even know what a character profile was. After doing a few myself, I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.

Characters tend to be my favorite part of writing. I like being able to create different personalities and people. One thing that helps me create those things are character profiles. Keep in mind that your creative process is your own so this may not work for you. I’m really into the fantasy genre so my physical traits tend to vary. Silver eyes, blue hair you name it. These characteristics are ones that need to be worked out in this phase of writing. None of what you write in your profile is definite. So here’s an outline you can use when creating you character profiles.

Role in Story: This one isn’t really necessary, I just use this for secondary characters so I remember where they’re supposed too go in a story. 

Name: You know this one

Age: You also know this one. 

Physical Appearance: This includes hair color, eye color, height, etc. What would people see when they look at you character.

Quirks in thought or behavior: Here, you can put their habits. Do they always have something smart to say? Do they bite their lip? Do they roll their eyes?

Personality: What’s their personality like? Are they adventurous? Diligent? 

Likes: What does your character like? it can be people or things just make sure that it will assist in getting to know your character better. 

Dislikes: What do they dislike? What makes them tick?

Internal Conflicts: Here you can list their insecurities if it causes an internal conflict. 

External Conflicts: This is where you can list what they’re actual problem is. What or who are they fighting?

Secrets: Do they have any secrets? How do those secrets affect the story? 

Alright! So now that I’ve laid it out for you feel free to do your own character profile. Have fun with it and see what you come up with. Here are some links to lists of both negative and positive personality traits.

Keep on writing guys!

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