World Building at its Finest!

Hi guys! Sorry I missed the past couple of days of posting, I had a project for class that needed my full attention. So, I’m just going to start today’s challenge and figure out what to do with the other three (I missed the 1st one as well) later.

So, it turns out that a lot goes into world building. World building is mainly used for fantasy or science fiction stories, but they can be used in “realistic” fiction.  In my opinion, you don’t need to have every little detail down, just the ones that matter to your story. Here’s some questions to ask yourself while your designing your world.

Does my world involve magic?

What type of society does your world have?

How is each gender or species treated?

What type of government (if any) does my world have?

Does this world have a different language?

What type of customs do they have?

What  are the negative aspects of this world? For this question, unless it’s going to be a perfect world then you should have a couple of negative aspects. 

What type of rituals are present in this culture?

What are the geographical aspects of this world? Do I want this world to look similar to Earth or different? 

This list isn’t the end all be all of world building so feel free to come up with your own questions to help you mold your ideas into something great. Take the time to think about what approach you want to take to creating your world. There are two approaches you can take; worldview and storyview.

Here are the definitions of each term according to Jeff Vandermeer, author of Wonderbook.

Storyview- What the character knows and believes about their world.

Worldview- What you, the writer, know about the story world. It provides a wider context to the world and may have more stories than just the one you’re focusing on.These two viewpoints can have an enormous effect on your story. I know because I’m currently trying to fight my way out of a world with contradicting details and such. 

I know I’m supposed to create a world for my character to live in, but I won’t be able to create one for Remi just yet. I think I’ll use the world I semi-created for another character called Ri. Ri and Remi were originally the same person, but my ideas for them sort of made a fork in the road. I won’t be able to tell you in story form because that would take A LOT of space so I’ll just try to describe it to you.

So in Ri’s world, she is a graduating student from an academy. In this world they use magic so a lot of Ri’s training has to do with refining her abilities. You can be whatever you want to be regardless of gender or race and I ended up giving everyone really cool eye colors in this world because I wanted a chance to practice describing colors. So, Ri ends up wanting to be, and becoming, what is called a guardian. She she travels the world (which is only 3 nations) and is able to see how people live. I wasn’t sure if I wanted something modern or something rustic so I made a bit of a compromise. I made it to where she was from was a bustling town, but where she ended up going was what I like to call “old school”

That about all I have so far. I recently used Ri’s world for my Camp NaNoWriMo project and I still really like the idea. I hope you guys have come up with a really cool project that you love and want to pursue. I promise I’ll post again tomorrow, but until then, write on.

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