Choosing and Writing a Setting: Day 3 Writing Challenge

So it’s been a long day. Lack of sleep, but double the homework. I got a bit of time today to write for the 3rd day of my writing challenge. I’ve always wanted to travel, but I couldn’t pick which place I wanted to travel to. So, I chose a place that I’ve always wanted to go to and may have an opportunity to go to this summer. I chose New York City! Yes I know it’s cliche, but I’ve wanted to visit for a while now (my next stop would be London). I don’t really have a title for this so here it is. Disclaimer: This is an extremely rough first draft. I came up with most of this on the fly so sorry if it’s a bit off

I’m almost home! The train would be pulling into Penn Station any moment. It’s been so long since I’ve been to New York. After the uprising, I had to leave Mama and Papa and go to California with all of the other kids. I was too young to understand what the adults were fighting over so I just did as I was told.  It took five years for me to get used to the sunny atmosphere when I had finally received a letter from Mama telling me that we could come home. The closer we got to the station, the more apprehensive I became. They finally told us that it was safe to come back, but nothing was the same. The beautiful, bustling streets were now desolate and unkempt. The city’s skyline was beginning to crumble and the river’s murky brown shade had grown an unsettling black color. I got of the train with my friend Margo. The train station was devoid of any human being. We walked through the train station until we saw a lone figure; Mama. I ran to her and began to hug her, but she pushed me away.

“Foolish child, we need to get out of here.” She whispered. 

Puzzled, we followed her out of the train station and two blocks to the house where I grew up. The house was in dire need of some paint, but when I looked closer it looked like the paint had been scratched off. Not by hail or by rocks, but by someone’s hand. She ushered us into the house and bolted seven locks before she released a breath I hadn’t even known she’d been holding. She finally turned to me with sadness in her eyes. She opened her arms to me and I rushed into them. I felt her body begin to tremble. Sobs awakened the dead silence, racking themselves into my mind’s memory banks. After a few moments, she began to speak. 

“I was selfish to bring you here Anna. I’m sorry.”

“Mama, what’s going on? Where’s Papa?” 

Her replied was cut short by the blaring of a siren. It’s high pitch shrill drained the color from her face and sent her into a frenzy. 

“Downstairs, now!” She yelled. 

My feet followed her instructions even though my mind could not. Margo and I barreled down the stairs and waited for Mama at the bottom. 3 loud gunshots ricocheted off of my eardrums and caused them to ring. Seconds later Mama came down the stairs. She ushered us into a small room and told us to be quiet. The sound was low at first, but it got louder until it was all I could hear. Moans filled the thick air only to fall silent to a scratching noise. The noise became louder and louder until I drowned them out with my own thoughts. It was then that everything clicked. The scratch marks; something was clawing at the house. The siren was a warning, but for what? What had happened here?  I turned to my mom who’s empty gaze watched me. 

“What is going on?”

So, yeah! Thanks for reading and I hoped you liked it! Keep on writing guys!

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