May Writing Challenge: Dear Remi

It’s the second day of May! It’s also Saturday so BONUS! I’m currently in the middle of completing 3 different projects, but I’m still going to try and keep up with the challenge. Below is my letter to Remi, my main character of a work in progress called Earth as We Know It. She’s fierce and funny and a fighter. So I hope you like it.

Dear Remi,

I’m sorry I haven’t given you the attention you need. School has been hectic and I had to create some other people for my creative writing class. I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise. I am actually making your story my next project. I know I left you in the face of danger, but don’t worry. I gave you the skills and knowledge to help you and your…acquaintances survive. There are still some things that I don’t know about you and I’m sorry for that too. I can make decisions on everything, but you. You’re in a peculiar situation so your background needs to help you. I’m thinking of making you the daughter of an assassin, but I don’t think that’s the way to go. After I do some more research, you’re life will be complete. I’m sorry I stuck you with Kieran, but I put you with April and Levi to even it out. Even though he’s probably the rudest person on the planet, you’re going to have to trust him. I know that last part fell on deaf ears so to speak, but I have faith that you can take anything and roll with it. So you go out there and fight and I’ll try to write the best adventure possible. It will be scary at some points, it will be frustrating and depressing, but I promise you’ll come out on top. 


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