Project Series

So, I have this really bad habit of talking to myself when I’m trying to figure things out, but I swear I’m not crazy. When I’m working on what I like to call projects, I tend to talk to myself a lot. I’d like to think that it’s part of the writing process, but if it’s not then don’t tell me. So instead of talking to myself I’ve decided that I’m going to share my thoughts here with you. I’m not  going to share the entire story, but I’m going to share excerpts and decisions I’ve made or want to make when it comes to my project. I’ll also be posting a lot about my writing process as well.  Since, I won’t be posting a lot of excerpts of the story, I’ll try to post short stories starting next Friday.

So currently, I’m thinking about this project series talk about a story I wrote for my creative writing class. It’s a Sci-Fi  story that I’ll admit needs some work. I’ll try to post some project series stuff next week so please bear with me guys (It’s almost finals week).

Definitely try your own project series. You don’t have to publish it or anything like that. It can be something that you do for yourself. Try it and see if you like it.

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