It’s the First Day of May! Creative Life May Writing Challenge

Happy May 1st! For me, May means that school is finally coming to a close. For others, it may mean graduation, getting a new job, or family vacation. I figure since we’re entering a new month, I should do something, well…new! So I am proud to introduce the Creative Life May Writing Challenge! As always, you can participate and keep everything to yourself. Now on to the list!

Creative Life May Writing Challenge

  1. Pick a song, listen to it, and write whatever comes to mind.
  2. Write a letter to your character.
  3. Find a picture of a place you’d like to visit and write a story in that setting.
  4. May the 4th be with you- Write a story that involves the force. It doesn’t have to be Star Wars related.
  5. Write a story from a villain’s point of view.
  6. Create a world for your characters to live in.
  7. Write a story on the worst day ever for your character.
  8. Write a story where neither the antagonist nor protagonist wins.
  9. Write out a character profile on your main character or just make up a character and write a profile on them.
  10. It’s Mother’s Day! Establish your character’s mother in a story.
  11. Write an alternate ending to your favorite books.
  12. Create a myth that explains anything you want.
  13. Create a list of things you’d need to go on a crazy adventure and explain what they’d be used for.
  14. Write a story that involves lemonade.
  15. Insert yourself into your favorite TV show/movie.
  16. If you were a Pokemon trainer, what six Pokemon would you have?
  17. Create a new superhero.
  18. Describe your perfect meal.
  19. Write about you will think the world will end.
  20. Write about the worst assassin ever.
  21. Write about what the world would be like if you ruled.
  22. Create an alternate ending to your favorite movie.
  23. Write about your perfect house.
  24. Write anything you want, but include the word “blubber”
  25. Your character has been kidnapped. How do they escape?
  26. Put a twist on a fairy tale.
  27. Write a story with the first three words being “You killed him”
  28. Write a story from the opposite gender’s point of view
  29. Describe your favorite color like it’s the ugliest thing in the world
  30. Make a list of names that you’d use for characters.
  31. Write about how your character spends their time.

Since the first day of May is basically over you don’t have to do that one. Or you can do it along with tomorrow’s challenge. I’ll post both of mine tomorrow when I have time. Remember, it can be as short or as long as you want it to be. So have fun and get creative.

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