Writer Meets World


Those are my Star Wars blaster noises(Sorry if I got the name wrong, I just started watching the movies.). Now that my super cool blaster got your attention, I can welcome you…WELCOME!

Most of what this blog will be consistent of is…everything. I’ll be trying to cover everything about writing. Since I’m still learning I guess we’ll be learning together. This whole blog will push me to listen to new music and read new books because the world of creativity spans all genres. It actually spans outside the realm of reading and writing, but that’s what I’m sticking with for now (maybe…).

Writing contests (not hosted by me), writing prompts, music playlists, and book recommendation will be just a few of the things that I’ll be posting here. However, I think I should tell you a bit about myself first.

I’m currently a college student who loves what she does. I study Media Industries with a minor in Communication Studies and a minor in English. Yea, I know it’s a bit backwards, but I love everything that I’m learning here. I am currently participating in Camp NanoWriMo and I actually just met my word count goal.I love writing and food. Me and food are platonic soul mates. You’ll learn other things about me throughout our journey together, but feel free to shoot me an email or tweet and tell me about yourself. You’ll hear from me soon.

Write on.

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